Name:  Dr Didas M. KAYIHURA

Position:  Rector

Phone: (+250) 788495778

Name:  Mr  Erick Shirimpumu

Position :  Ag. VRAF

Phone: (+250)788879817

Name: Mr NZAKOMEZA Samuel

Position: Director of training,Research and consultancy

Phone: (+250) 783034708

Name:  Mr Sadiki BAGWANEZA

Position:  Academic Dean

Phone: (+250) 7888353572

Name:  Mr  Juvenal INGABIRE

Position : Ag. Director of Administration and Finance

Phone: (+250)783716377

Name :  Mr Richard Mugisha

Position:  Director of Library

Phone: (+250) 788776091

Name:  Mr Vincent MUNTU

Position: Quality Assurance Specialist

Phone: (+250) 781933154

Name:  Mrs Consolate BIGIRIMANA,

Position:  Lecturer & Coordinator of Kigali Office

Phone: (+250) 788858004

Name: Mr Epimaque Musafiri

Position: Acting Academic Registrar 

Phone: (+250)788616394