ILPD football team challenged AJSPOR FC at Nyanza Stadium

In its effort to promote Sports and interract with different partners, the Institute of Legal Practice and Development football team hosted the AJSPOR FC in a high spirited football match on October 6, 2017. This game took place at Nyanza Stadium from 4:00 PM. AJSPOR came into this match with confidence of an unbeaten record of since Match 2017.

However AJSPOR was surprised of being out played both in technique and physic by men of professional legal robes, who dominated the match from point go to the last minute, though all teams remained goalless.

AJSPOR president, Jean Butoyi, noted that his team played well as it managed to equalize with an African team “we have played with the team of African Union. We are happy to develop this relationship with ILPD, it is the beginning and we will continue to collaborate. “He added. ILPD enjoys a multicultural hard core recruitment of players from Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Gambia, Kenya, Burundi and other countries.

The ILPD’s Acting Vice Rector for Administration and Finance, SHIRIMPUMU Erick, thanked AJSPOR team for accepting their invitation and emphasized that the collaboration should continue “The match means a lot for ILPD and the community around. A part from teaching laws, ILPD practice sport to help students and the community to refresh. Today, we hosted journalists, next we shall host another segment.” He added.