Monday on 25th September, the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD) officially kicked off specialized courses to enable judges, prosecutors and advocates to have special expertisein furnishingtheir work satisfactorily.

The dean of studies at ILPD, Mr.Bagwaneza Sadiki noted that,participants are to attend classes for twelve weeks time blacket, studying one week per month and spending the rest of the month doing practicals in their respective working place, handling related cases.

 Courses learnt in universities of law, are taught in general, that may not lead to the needed outcome. These specialized courses will resolve the problem of generalization in justice sector and help to gain specialized judges in different fields of the law.” He added.

The first intake for these specialized coursesare dealing with contemporary aspects of Persons and Family law in practice. The other class is specializing in Corporate Law and insolvency Practices. It is of paramount importance to note that, specialized courses are vital, among the legal fraternity since they upgrade their competences and inculcate a rare expertise on pparticipants in these key areas of the law. For proper course delivery and monitoring, ILPD admits two classes of 25 participants each.

Participants to these courses, are from various dimensions and different fields of legal practice, a case in point, is Her Ladyship Madam MUSABYEYEZU Aimée Solange, a judge at Gacurabwenge primary court, is specializing in persons and family law in practice.She accounts that these courses are of great importance since she earlier a long desired to be acquainted  with much knowledge in persons and family law in practice. We normally judge all kinds of criminals but with these courses, judges will judge specifically in accordance with their specializationshe added.

These specialized courses offered at ILPD include but not limited to the following:

·         Persons and Family law in practice

·          Corporate Law Practices and Insolvency

·          Practical aspect of economic and financial crimes

·         Banking legal practices

·          Practical aspect of contract and torts

·          International crimes and genocide ideology.

All these courses will be conducted at ILPD Head Quarters in Nyanza for a period of twelve weeks.