Students of Diploma in Legal Practice have attended the national Symposium on Peace, Security and Justice organized by Rwanda National Police

 86 students persuing a PostGraduate Diploma in Legal Practice(DLP)at ILPD,attended this symposium in Kigali organized by  National Police College on June 13, 2017.Other participants included students from Gishari Police Training School, senior officers of police and the experts from different countries. The theme of this symposium was Security to Enhance Good Governance: A Key Pillar for Sustainable Development.

The Minister of Justice and the Attorney General Johnston Busingye opening officially the symposium

In his opening remark at  this symposium, the Minister of Justice said that it was the right time for the participants to discuss on issues concerning security, peace, justice, good governance and  development. He explained well that,for Africa to develop, security and good governance need to be sustained

“If security is a pillar of good governance, this means both are the only path to sustainable development. The purpose for you Police officers and other lawyers here present, you need to understand that development could not achieve in case there is insecurity in the country,” said the Minister of Justice Johnstone Busingye.

ILPD students who participated such as  Mr.Opondo Trevor from Uganda, said that it was imperative to understand the nexus between security and good governance as a means to achieve sustainable development. This symposium was an eye opener to the fact that in order to achieve sustainable development in a country, there is need for a parallel approach in both the appreciation and implementation of measures geared towards achieving security and good governance.

The symposium grouped up lawyers, experts from universities and senior officers of police from twelve countries include Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Cameroun, Gambia, Namibia and Sierra Leone.