Over 100 international law students pay tribute to Genocide victims

A total of 102 international students from the Institute of Legal Practice and Development Nyanza Campus (ILPD)

A total of 102 international students from the Institute of Legal Practice and Development Nyanza Campus (ILPD), called for peace and global commitment to ensure that what happened in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi does not happen again anywhere in the world.

Students made the call on Monday, November 21 as they visited Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre and the Campaign against Genocide museum.

They were from six African countries, namely; Ghana, Cameroon, Gambia, Burundi, Uganda, and Rwanda, and are all pursuing postgraduate diplomas at the Institute Of Legal Practice And Development, Nyanza Campus (ILPD).

After touring the sites, the students observed that ‘peace is key to everything.’

“We have read a lot of stories about Rwanda and watched videos on YouTube, but what we have seen today is different from what we used to see,” said Teboh Sharon Jitto Majorie, a student from Cameroon.

She pointed out that they got the chance to understand where the country comes from, “We are calling for peace because without peace there is no development.’

Siloru Sowe, another student from Gambia, said that the visit was a chance for them to learn from a country that has been in hardship and overcame it with the help of good governance.

"As young leaders, this is a good experience to learn from and normalise peace," he said.

Speaking to Yves Sezirahiga, Acting Rector at ILPD, he said that this is a school program for students in their final year, such that they can learn from Rwanda’s history.

“They come from different countries; they didn’t know its real history. Another purpose of such a tour is to teach them the role of unity, reconciliation and good governance in general, and this has been impactful,” he said

Source:  The New times

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